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    Default Legality of Wearing Vietnam-Era Flak Vests in Public

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: North Carolina

    I am wondering about the legality of wearing Vietnam / Cold War-era flak jackets / vests unconcealed in public. I am a fan of antique military clothing and equipment, and am wondering if I were to wear such a vest if it would be in violation of any state laws, particularly in my current state of residence, North Carolina. I have looked and could not find any laws regarding the ownership of body armor except for a law prohibiting the ownership of body armor by convicted felons, which I am not.

    I have not, nor have I ever been charged with any crime whatsoever. I do not currently own a Conceal and Carry Weapons (CCW) permit or license. I do not intend to carry weapons with one of the flak vests in question, but I am wondering if CCW laws in NC or other states extend to flak vests, however antique, and if persons wearing them in public are required to have a CCW license and have the vest concealed under standard clothing?

    A flak jacket or flak vest is a form of protective clothing designed to protect against shrapnel and such. The flak vests I am currently inquiring about is the M69, a flak vest not currently issued or produced anymore. They were designed and produced during the Vietnam war. Today, they fail to meet the standards of modern police forces and militaries. Nonetheless, I want to make sure that my wearing a flak vest unconcealed in public is not infringing NC law.

    Also, if law regarding this subject varies state-by-state, could someone please give me a list of states where wearing a Vietnam-era flak vest in public, unconcealed by a person without a CCW license would be prohibited? Thank you all in advance.

    Please search for the specifications on the M69 flak jacket if you want to let me know if it is made of any restricted or illegal materials I may not otherwise know about.

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    Default Re: Legality of Wearing Vietnam-Era Flak Vests in Public

    The only statute I see that's on point is NCGS 15A-1340.16C, enhancing the penalty for a person who is convicted of a felony, and is in possession of a bullet-proof vest at the time of the commission of the felony.

    You may choose to make a simple inquiry with the Sheriff's Department. (Although I suspect you don't need to be told this, the inquiry would not be of an emergency nature and thus should be made in person or via a non-emergency phone number.)

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    Default Re: Legality of Wearing Vietnam-Era Flak Vests in Public

    I sometimes wore a bullet proof vest when working (serving legal papers in civil cases - ie not law or court officer). I dont know of any state that prohibits them but check with your DA's office to insure that it is so. Keep a record of who you talked to, when, and what they said.

    You could call your state rep. too .. they have aids who can check into the query.

    If one says you cannot then ask for the statue that prohibits it..

    Congrats! You live in one of the few states that are a notice pleading state for civil suits .. a plaintiff's deamland

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