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    Default Difficulty Registering Vehicle, Purchased by Auction From Another State

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: VIRGINIA

    I purchased a motorcycle from a licensed NC dealer through an Ebay auction. Seller has perfect feedback, lots of vehicles sold, solid brick and mortar location as well. So I pick up motorcycle, great deal, great bike. Bike was repo that was bought at auction. This dealer does this all the time.

    He gives me:

    -Original title (when bike was new) with lien released
    - Title signed over to dealer
    - Statement of Repossesion
    - Statement of Lien Satisfied from lien holder
    - NC DMV paperwork (transfer from dealer to buyer)

    All legal, all notarized etc.

    I try to register it in VA. This is what they told me.

    - You can't have it repossessed and lien released. It's one or the other
    - You need the signature of the registered owner (who bike was repo'd from more than a few years ago)
    - You need the NC Dealer to get a title in his name and then bring that in, then she even stated "Dealers don't have to get titles."

    Curious I called NC DMV. Spoke to several people. Finally got a supervisor. He told me that I was one of a handful of cases like this he has dealt with over the years. Said it's always Virginia. Supposedly there is a "Book" that most cooperating DMV's (NC and VA are supposed to cooperate) keep that lists the applicable title / registration laws for other states, and they normally honor them. Not in my case.

    What's insane...I emailed scans of paperwork I have to this guy at NC DMV. He tells me on the phone "All you paper work is in order. If you were a NC Resident you could get a NC Title the same day with zero issues. Obviously the problem is the VA DMV."

    I emailed the dealer, he said no problem. Told me to mail the title / paperwork and he'd go get a NC title and sign it over to me and mail it to me.

    Has anyone dealt with anything like this? It just amazes me that the VA DMV can just refuse paper work from another DMV...

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    Default Re: Difficulty Registering Vehicle, Purchased by Auction From Another State

    It's possible that someone involved in one of the other "handful of cases like this" will pass by and comment, but I suspect the problem is rare.

    I'm not sure that the problem is the Virginia DMV so much as it is the individual you were dealing with. I would infer that the statement that the lien was satisfied was post-auction, clearing the title based upon the proceeds from the sale, and was not what the DMV employee seemed to believe, evidence that the loan had been paid off such that the vehicle wouldn't have been subject to repo by the lender....

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