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    Default Filing Past Statute of Limitations

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: TEXAS

    My husband is being sued by an ex-friend. The accident happened in Nov 2007. The insurance found my husband not responsible for friends damage and injuries. Ex friend hired a lawyer to sue the insurance company at that time, but lawyer dropped him after reviewing insurance companies information.

    He retained another lawyer this past April 2010 and filed a suit against my husband.According to records the original petition was filed April 5th 2010.

    Isn't this past the statute of limitations or is there something I am unaware of?

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    Default Re: Filing Past Statute of Limtations

    I would certainly expect it to be beyond the statute of limitations. I don't know if the plaintiff has made any claims to try to avoid the limitations period. Your husband should turn the claim over to the insurance company through which he had coverage at the time of the accident.

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