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    Default False Abuse Report, Restraining Order

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: CA

    My ex had 2 of her friends "Serve" me papers for a restraining order against herself and our child, stating all kinds of domestic, and child endangerment.
    My question is i was never served. One was at a job i was no longer employed at, and the other location is a false address i was supposedly served at. WHat should i do?

    Here is the Kicker I have asked my ex to drop the restrainging order for the last year, she refuses to, now here is where it gets difficult Even though she has the restriaing order against me she depends on me to watch my kid 3 to 4 days a week. This has been going on for about almost a year. I finally got the guts to tell my ex i can no longer take my daughter until the restriaing order is dropped against me. I hate that im not seeing my daughter but i need to get the courts involved, also im not on the birth certificate and she doesnt want to do a paternity test. I need help in all areas of family court, I appreciate any advice you have on this matter.


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    Default Re: False Abuse Report, Restraining Order

    So, you're telling us that a restraining order went into effect against you a year ago, there were some questions about how it was served, but you chose not to present a defense and chose to let the order be entered against you?

    If you want to establish paternity, file a parentage action.

    If you believe there are grounds to terminate the restraining order, file an appropriate motion with the court that issued it.

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