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    Default Ticketed for Suspended Registration

    My question involves a traffic citation from the state of: Pennsylvania
    I was parked at a store approx 150 yard-200 yards from my home at a store. i noticed an officer circling the block when i pulled out of the parking lot i drove towards the officer, he made a u turn in the middle of the street then got behind me and lit up. he pulled me over and said my registration was expired. when in actuallity it was not, the stickers were current. he ran the tag and my liscense and the registration came back suspended for insurance. He cited me and took my tag. 1st question. does the officer need a primary offense to pull me over? 2nd. he forgot to put the direction of travel on the ticket and he put the wrong intersection, can this get this ticket thrown out? the car is registered in my wifes name but i am named as an insured driver. can i beat the ticket under the primary offense or the ommision of the direction of travel. and he told me he was pulling me over for expired registration, when my registration sticker clearly was valid.

    thank you

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    Default Re: Ticketed for Suspended Registration

    You were either suspended for insurance or you were not. We can't investigate that for you. If you were not, that's your defense to the driving with suspended registration charge and I would expect the charge to be dropped once the prosecutor has proof that you were continuously legally insured.

    If he ran your plate and it came up as suspended, it was a perfectly legitimate stop. It wouldn't matter that he assumed you hadn't paid your renewal fee, whereas in fact you hadn't paid for insurance - suspended is suspended.

    If you were driving the car with suspended registration, it wouldn't matter whether you were driving it at one intersection versus another.

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