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    Default Expunged Record Still Showing Up in Background Check in Ohio

    I was convicted of a felony 5 receiving stolen property back in 2004 my freshman year in college. Since then, everything has been fine, no other troubles and I recently had my record expunged back in early June. I just graduated and have been looking at jobs like crazy. I finally landed a great job and they just informed me that after I sign the contract they are going to run a background check and a drug test. I went and ran a background check myself using and paid the $60.00 and searched by social security number. BOOM it came back with my Receiving Stolen Property Charge as well as my arrest date. I am so incredibly bummed its not even funny. I am terrified when this big company runs a background check they will find it as well and they will rescind the offer and I will be screwed. I get that in public databases it can last for awhile, but I don't know what to do? When they see that charge will they dig deeper? Because if they do it won't show anything up. EVERYTHING has been erased and expunged, it just must be on some public database somewhere that found it. Is there anything I can do about this? I already contacted USsearch and I am going to send in the letter of expungement and they will remove it from there records. The problem is this could up in other background checks as well. Is there anyone I can pay to help fix this? I can try and explain it all I want when they ask about it but either way, it could mean alot of trouble and some companies have policies where they won't hire you if you were ever convicted even if it was expunged.

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    Default Re: Expunged Record Still Showing Up in Background Check in Ohio

    Unfortunately there are a lot of companies that could have the information in their databases. Unless you know what company your prospective employer uses, there's no realistic way to check and verify that they've updated their records to reflect the expungement. Further, unless obligated to do so as a matter of law, some companies may decline to update their records.

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