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    Unhappy Getting Seized Property Back

    My question involves search and seizure law in the State of: Connecticut

    I allowed someone else to borrow a rifle of mine. After this person was done using the rifle at the range he put it unloaded in a closed case in the back seat of his car. A short while later he had an altercation while leaving a restaurant. He was jumped (receiving a laceration which he later sought medical attention for.) he defended himself without the use of a weapon though some witnesses say that he had a pistol on him that he did not pull. He went home and forgot my rifle (unloaded and in the case) in his locked car. the police came to the house over an hour later. The asked him if they could look in the car and in his room. He said yes. They took my rifle after looking through the car and opening the case to find it. He is not the owner of the house or the car or the rifle so I am not sure if he can give them permission to search in the first place? The police have had custody of my rifle for almost a year and the case is just now going to pretrial. I would like to know how I can go about getting my rifle back and whether I have any legal recourse for the search and seizure and damage done to the rifle after a year of not being cleaned and not being in my possession. mostly i just want my rifle back.

    so i guess the short version is something of mine was seized under questionable circumstances and I was not involved at all in the case and I would like to know how to get my things back.

    any help would be great. thank you for your time.

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    Default Re: Getting Seized Property Back

    It sounds like your rifle, at present, is evidence in your friend's case. If so, you're not going to get it back until it's no longer needed as evidence (at the soonest).

    You're free to ask your friend to pay for the damages you have suffered.

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