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    Default Apple Not Responding to DMCA Takedown Notice


    About two months ago we came across a paid application in the itunes store that was made mostly (84%) from our content...

    We sent Apple DMCA Takedown Notices on May 8th, May 25th, and June 11th... ( I've also left numerous voice mails at the number provided, meanwhile the app continues to sell and we have had no response from them...

    My understanding is that for Apple to be clear of liability in the infringement, they need to be "expeditious" with their handling of a DMCA complaint... so far, we are at 5 weeks...

    How should we proceed?



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    Default Re: Apple Not Responding to DMCA Takedown Notice

    There's no definition in the DMCA of what it means to be "expeditious". Note also that your DMCA notice must be in proper form for them to have to act upon it.

    How much money is at stake? Is your copyright registered?

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