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    Default How to Access Court Records

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Indiana

    I had credit card dues of about $11,000 which I stopped paying in Dec 2006 since, I was not in a position to. Post that I moved out of Indiana and didn't hear from the credit card companies at my new address. I wanted to check if there are any court records or bench warrants with my name. I tried searching one site under "Civil, Family & Probate Case Records" with my Last Name as party and could not find any records. I also checked another site (that was the county I was living in) with my last name and did not find any records there either. Is there any other website where I can search for court records or warrants against me ?

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    Default Re: How to Access Court Records

    There are lots of websites, most of which charge money. I can't promise you that any money you spend would result in your finding a court record - it may be that there is nothing to find.

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