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    Default Let's Pass Emancipation Law in New Jersey

    I live in the Western US but have been battling a case of post age-of-majority child/college support for years. I am being forced to pay for college for a 23 year old daughter who sued me in NJ Family Court to pay for her medical school.

    Yeah, I know NJ has no emancipation laws. But to me, this action by the NJ Judiciary is illegal, unconstitutional legislating from the bench. The NJ State Legislature has been avoiding its responsibility to create an emancipation law to prevent the Judiciary from usurping their authority.

    I wrote every NJ State Legislator, Governor, Supreme Court Justice and have one Senator who I may be able to get to sponsor the a new law.

    I need help and/ or guidance. I created a website to start soliciting help from NJ citizens to pass a law in NJ on emancipation. "" It is too late for me, but maybe I can help the next poor sucker.

    1. Am I NUTS to even contemplate trying to get NJ to pass a law?
    2. Any suggestions on how to engage these NJ Legislators to owe up to their responsibilities and take control back from NJ Family Courts?
    3. Any suggestions on how to get all of these NJ Dads engaged to help with their legislators? (most of those affected are dads)


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    Default Re: Let's Pass Emancipation Law in New Jersey

    Quote Quoting boborebo
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    (most of those affected are dads)
    What statistics did you use to compile that piece of information?
    What percentage of fathers are paying support vs. mothers?
    What percentage of those paying support are actively involved in their children's lives?

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    Default Re: Let's Pass Emancipation Law in New Jersey


    What percentage of dad's are the ONLY ones paying for college?
    Why shouldn't you pay for your child's college education?
    Why should your child have to sue you to get you to contribute to her education?
    Why should NJ legislators waste their time talking to someone that doesn't even LIVE in NJ?

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    Default Re: Let's Pass Emancipation Law in New Jersey

    One of the very few facts I know about emancipation when it comes to child support issues is that New Jersey stands alone in one factor; the NCP must apply to the court to have child support stopped. It will continue indefinitely until that happens, and there is little or no forgiveness. I am absolutely serious (I know of a specific case in my own family) when I say that child support will still be owed on a 23 year old who has already moved out of the house, for no reason except that the NCP did not apply to have it stopped. And the state did not forgive one penny, even for that time when the "child" was a legal adult, no longer living with the CP and fully supporting himself.

    So yeah, I would have to agree with the OP that NJ needs a measure of reform. My family member had one of the best law firms in the US investigating on his behalf and even they couldn't do much more than to stop the accrual.

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