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    Angry How Do I Sue to Recover Money Paid for Someone Else's Car Repairs

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: NJ
    I charged $5000 to replace a truck engine for a friend who was going through some financial issues. That was two years ago. Although he is unemployed, he has a home and is still using the truck with the engine to go around. I have spoken to him several times via email, text messaging and in person where he acknowledges the debt owed but claims, he doesn't have the money.

    How do I sue him since he has put the truck in someone elses name? Is it possible to sue for possession of the truck since the engine is part of the vehicle? What is the statue of limitations for a debt in NJ?

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    Default Re: How Do I Sue to Recover Money Paid for Someone Else's Car Repairs

    You sue him by naming him as the defendant in your lawsuit. The limitations period for a contract action appears to be six years.

    You gave up any right to impose a lien against the truck, assuming you ever had such a right, a long time ago.

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