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    Default Fourteen-year-old assaulted while defending another in California

    this is long - please bear with me..

    My son was roughed up by another boy in the school library 2 days ago.

    The problem is this: Assault , Profanity, Hate Crime (?)

    My son observed the boy that hit him later (with a group of 2 other boys) , harrassing another boy in the library. As far as my son recalls, the librarian was not in sight. My son went over to comfort the boy being harrased , and told him ... that's ok, they are assholes.." the Boy that hit my son stated - ..."**** you white boy..." to which my son replied - "...**** you Asian Bastard.."

    Needless to say - both kids handled this wrong, however, the other boy whom my son was referring to , decided to place my son in a headlock, twice - once after he choked him and let go, and then again, after which my son felt he was going to pass out..

    I will add - that my son is a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do - and he was told never to hurt another but in self defense - HOWEVER - my son noted that this kid used a headlock tactic that only someone that knows martial arts would use ( in an offensive manner)

    Alot other detail is involved - but, I will add the boy who had my son in the headlock also stated to my son that he had friends in high school , AND that he had guns at home - so he'd better watch out.

    The boy that assualted my son then left, leaving the two remaining boys to taunting my son - to the point that when my son finally got to the office, the other two boys still remained , in wait, by the office door.

    In addition - my son ran into one of his teachers that happened to walk by the front seating area. After he was asked by the teacher why he was in the office, and my son told him - he stated "oh.." and then left (???????)

    Bottom line - my son was asked to write up a summary of what occured , and bring into the school, where he ( and I would later ) meet with the Asst Principal the following morning.

    Initially - the Asst Principal sided with my son - he would get counsel for the racial slur - AND the othe boy suspended. He also suggested I file a report (not assault charges) with the local PD. My son was went with me, and truthfully told the officer what had occurred , racial slurs, the headlock, the comments about high school friends, and the GUNS and all..

    My son was asked to leave the room - the PD stated that although I can file, my son could also be charged with a HATE CRIME (???) and that the Asst Principal would have to reconsider his first assesment until the officer does a field interview later this morning.. In addition - some other stories from another group of witnesses stated that it was MY son that stated the gun - not the other boy.

    After receiving the pamplhlet at the PD about HATE CRIME - a racial slur could be seen as such. That was a first, to me, and my son.

    BUT I will argue that :
    My son has NEVER been involved in a fight at school
    A Racial Slur does not give one the right to hit another
    My son deserves counseling for the racial slur - very stupid on his part
    My son was never made aware (nor I was ) by the school that a racial slur could be viewed as a Hate Crime. The definition is NOT Noted in the Student Handbook
    My son was remorseful for calling the boy a racial name
    And what about the accountability of - lack of supervision within the library, and the duty as a teacher (the one my son ran into the office) to see what could be done of the two other boys waiting for my son outside the office?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated - thanks..

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    Default Re: Fourteen-year-old assaulted while defending another in California

    You can find information about California hate crimes on the Los Angeles County District Attorney's website. I don't have the full facts of the case, and thus can't analyze whether the police were trying to discourage you from filing a report because they didn't want to deal with a schoolyard dispute, or if they actually believe your son may have committed a hate crime.

    Schools unfortunately cannot provide constant supervision and absolute security at all times for all students.

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