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    Default Differences Between Groups and Organizations

    My question involves business law in the state of: Oklahoma

    A group of friends have come together and created a service oriented group/organization. Currently we are working on creating SOP's and possible bylaws. My question is, Is there a legal difference between a group and an organization? Also when defining said group/organization, what impact will labeling private or public have on legal issues?

    We are trying to put in place an SOP/bylaw to restrict people with a history of Domestic Violence from being able participate in the group.

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    Default Re: Differences Between Groups and Organizations

    What are you trying to get at, other than semantics?



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    Default Re: Differences Between Groups and Organizations

    Is this going to be an informal social group, or an incorportated one? Incorporated as a private foundation, a non-profit organization, an association (with members), or some other configuration?

    Some of these are "public" organizations, others of these are private, but still have certain rules they have to follow.

    When you say you want to restrict those with "a history of domestic violence", does that mean a history of conviction for a charge of domestic violence? of being accused? of being suspected? will you be asking potential group members if they have such a history or will you be relying on something more formal, like an actual criminal background check (which also shouldn't be taken as gospel truth, because records can be expunged, and because an arrest for domestic violence could be pled down to disorderly conduct, for example).

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