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    Default Will Kaiser Pick-Up Hospital Bill Stay at Another Hospital

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: California
    I have medical coverage for myself, husband and kids through my job, which I do not have to pay for other than co-pays etc. Because of this my husband is on my health plan. My husband works for the federal government and his benefits dept. advised him to sign up for a health plan for himself due to the fact that he can retire in five years, and needs to be enrolled in a plan for at least that long in order for us to be covered after retirement. He chose the cheapest play which is Kaiser. He never uses Kaiser since there is not a Kaiser close to us and we have a Dr. here in our town already on my health plan. Recently my husband was hospitalized for 4 days with pneumonia. I took him to the nearest ER due to high fever/trouble breathing and they admitted him. When he was discharged they informed us that our part of the bill is 20%, which I knew about. My question is can Kaiser be billed for any of his stay since he is enrolled with Kaiser, even though his stay was at another hospital? If so, how do I go about Kaiser being billed?

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    Default Re: Will Kaiser Pick-Up Hospital Bill Stay at Another Hospital

    You would need to check with Kaiser for the specifics. That's not something we can answer here, as we don't know what your plans rules are.

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    Exclamation Re: Will Kaiser Pick-Up Hospital Bill Stay at Another Hospital

    If you do think you qualify for reimbursement and Kaiser rejects your first claim - be sure to appeal. I read the rules for my policy and I thought I qualified but was rejected. When I appealed I received a 100% refund.

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    Default Re: Will Kaiser Pick-Up Hospital Bill Stay at Another Hospital

    Kaiser requires its patients to do something very specific when you've been admitted to a non Kaiser hospital before it'll pay:

    Contact them and let them know. If you don't, they won't pay. Period. Reason being... once you're stable, they will demand you're transferred to a Kaiser facility.

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