My question involves defamation in the state of:

My new husband has 3 children. The 3 children are continuously told I am a whore by their mother. We have the mother on recording admitting she tells the children I am a whore. We even have the mother on recording admitting she was glad she turned the daughter against me. Even a neighbor has told my husband that the children have said I am a whore. The damage is so far reaching that my husband and I feel it is better, for now, for him to have his overnight visits with his children at his parents house because the children are so cold towards me. The children even seem frightened of me. So there are suspicians that she has told the children far more.

Is this considered slander? My reputation with the children has been damaged. The children may never want to get to know me. The children may never respect me. My husband and I spend numerous days and hours apart because of his ex and her jealousy.

Thank you.