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    Default Threat to Slander

    My question involves defamation in the state of: Texas

    A co-worker threatened to slander me directly in front of our superior. She said," You better stop talking, or else I will embarass you by exposing personal details both work and non work related". She also said, "I know all of your dirt". HR got involved and the girl wasn't even written up. It seems as though they just want to push it under the rug. Now the girl is going around talking to all of the other managers about me and I am afraid she is going to damage my reputation and prevent me from getting a promotion to AVP. Any advice? Should I just let it go and forget about it?

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    Default Re: Threat to Slander

    Any advice?
    Roll your eyes at her and walk away.

    This isn't a legal question - you've suffered no harm, you've just got an idiot co-worker.

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    Default Re: Threat to Slander

    And what you have described does not meet the legal definition of slander.

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    Default Re: Threat to Slander

    Don't get involved with co-workers. Don't talk in detail about your history or personal life. Keep it under the vest. They are not your friends even if they act friendly. They are all in competition with each other. Don't ever give any co-worker ammunition they can use against you. Don't socialize with co-workers except as absolutely necessary.

    Although you might be able to make an argument for defamation, I do not see any practical way you could do anything about it legally. I also seriously doubt you could afford what it would cost and you'd have to find a new job. That could be problematic.

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