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    Default Unnecessary Knee Replacement


    This is in regards to my father.

    He had constant swelling and pain in his knee, After a number of visits to a specialist and doctor.

    They decided that a knee replacement was necessary to stop the infection.

    My father had the knee replacement, Even after a year his knee continues to swell up and cause him much pain.

    Not only will they not give him anything to manage the pain he can not work for over a year now.

    He went to see anther specialist for some spurs, And they seen that his knee is still swelling and infected, It's the size of a football and feels hot.

    This specialist says the the knee replacement never fixed the problem nor was it necessary in the first place.

    Does my farther have a case ? He went from making 80k a year to nothing because of all this, and prolly will never work again.

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    Default Re: Unnecessary Knee Replacement

    He may have a case, but figuring that out will require a thorough investigation of his medical and treatment history. Also, malpractice laws vary by state. He should consult a medical malpractice lawyer in his state.

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    Default Re: Unnecessary Knee Replacement

    Tareeva, did you even read the OP's post and concerns? It's been a year since the surgery, and his/her father is still experiencing the same issues that he had prior to surgery. The question was whether or not the father had a case to pursue.

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