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    Default Wife Experienced Harassment of Now Fired Boss

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Georgia

    My wife experienced sexual harassment in the workplace by her manager. This person has also performed harassment against other employees and including a 16 year old girl that works there. There are eye witnesses to several of the instances. We also know for a fact that this person was fired from another company for sexual harassment.

    Our question is, can my wife and others at this business still file suit against the company even though this man was fired last week? She was told by a friend of ours that now he has been fired, there is nothing that we can do.

    We dont know what the specific reason for the firing was but my wife was questioned by a regional manager about possible harassment from this person and they also know that he was a cocaine user, so they could have fired him for either.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Wife Experienced Harassment of Now Fired Boss

    The company's sole legal obligation is to make the harassing behavior stop. They have effectively done so by firing the manager in question. It doesn't matter what they fired him for - he was fired, he's no longer there, the harassing behavior has stopped. That's all the law requires them to do.

    So no, there is no further grounds to sue the employer.

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    Default Re: Wife Experienced Harassment of Now Fired Boss

    Employers are legally required to stop any illegal harassment they come across in their woprkplaces. However, even though your wife's employer may have fired her boss for reasons other than illegal harassment, the fact that the harassment has now stopped means that your wife's employer is no longer in contravention of the law. And since it's no longer breaking the law, it cannot be sued. Your friend is correct.

    (And anyway, what would your wife sue for, even if she could? For something that isn't happening?)

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    Default Re: Wife Experienced Harassment of Now Fired Boss

    I totally agree. Be thankful you work a company that actually does something. I'd encourage your wife to move on. If someone is interested in following up on the harassment of a minor, it would be by suing your old boss individually not your company. That is disgusting though.

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