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    i havent recieved my i had applied using the i-90 form.may i know how long before i wil recieved my new card? is there a way to track online or rather to follow up the status of the card?the reason that i asked this questions is that i needed it for my license in the the state of new jersey will be release.thanks

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    You may be able to check using the online case inquiry service. Otherwise, try inquiring with the service center where you filed your I-90.

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    Unhappy Re: Green Card Replacement questions though....since i am an immigrant thru employment ex1 schedule a worker category for nurses.i have consulted a pro bono employment lawyer at lsnj.he said there that there was a breach of contract ...however,it was not sure about the status as an immigrant if it will affect me if i will be breach the contract since the breach of contract was first done by my employer.they were asking to fax them for the copies of any immigration papers before they will advise me on what to do.what i am concern is the sending of my personal documents on immigration and may become a victim of any identity thief.i hope you can help me decide on what to do?thanks

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