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    Default Dispute About Payment

    My question involves business law in the state of: VA

    I'm not exactly sure if this might be the right section, it it isn't then please move it to the right one. Heres the problem:

    Me and my "friend"(at that time) started doing business together buying and selling products. He had an idea were the two of us would get $1,500 worth of product from Bose and resell it to make some liquid cash. We both got accounts at Bose for a 12-month no interest plan. He agreed to pay for my half fully as he was keeping all the money from the sell of the product. The way this was set up was that each month he would give me $125 to put on my account so Bose would charge my card. This was all going fine for about 3 months but then I had some issues with my card and asked him to send a check directly to Bose instead of putting money on my card. Everything seemed fine until I got a letter from Bose saying that they never received a check from him. I started to question him about this, his response was that he sent it and everything was fine. I didn't question him then until the next due date for the payment came, at which point he said that he would just pay of the remaining balance in full. I of course agreed to this and he said he would handle all of this. Now it's been close to 4 months since Bose got any money from him and he keeps giving me excuses and telling me that the amount owed is incorrect and that I should get a statement from Bose. So I do this and try to contact him but no luck. ( I want to add also that our relationship has strained and we are no longer friends ) He doesn't pick up my phone calls, but instead he does send me text messages. ( Even though I repeatedly asked him to call me instead and I have tried to arrange a meeting face to face without any luck ). It has come down to the point were he now blames me for not trying to get in touch with him and that he will not pay until he has seen the statement from Bose personally, but he doesn't want to meet, he wants me to mail him the paper.

    My question being can I file a suite or do something to force him to pay, since the Bose account is under my name and it has been 4 months sine they last received payment. We have no contract agreement but I do have multiple text messages from him in which it can be clearly seen that he owes me the money for this.

    I am sure you need more details, just ask and I will try to explain the best I can.

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    Default Re: Dispute About Payment

    If he owes you money, you can sue him to try to recover the money he owes you.

    Your narrative doesn't make clear that he actually owes you money - that would depend, for example, on what happened to the merchandise received from Bose and, if sold, what happened to the proceeds from its sale.

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    Default Re: Dispute About Payment

    yes the product was sold in December 2009 to some people we found who were interested, and the money earned was supposed to go towards future purchases for our business but that never happened instead he kept the money and I do not know what he spent it on.

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