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    Default Texas Laws for 17 Year Old

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Texas. As I understand it from the conversations we had with officers over the weekend, a child is considered an adult in Texas at 17. Parents are still legally responsible for the children until they are 18, and when I do a search on age of majority in Texas I see 18. My step-daughter is rebelling in every way you can think of. Friday she left town but when we filed a runaway the police told us since she was 17 she could not be considered a runaway and could only be listed as a missing person. Today she came home and left a note saying she was going to live with her ex-step father. According to the police since she can't be considered a runaway we can't stop him from taking her in by charging him with harboring a runaway. They said we can send the police to extract her from his house but they said if we do that and she is not in his house the we are filing a false police report. What recourse do we have?

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    Default Re: Texas Laws for 17 Year Old

    If your spouse believes that her ex- is violating the child custody order from their divorce case, she can take him to court to try to enforce the order.

    What benefit do you see in trying to force her to return to your home? Sometimes, particularly when they're almost 18, you have to take the hard step as a parent of letting your kid make and suffer the consequences of her own behavior and mistakes.

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    Default Re: Texas Laws for 17 Year Old

    At 17 there is not much law enforcement will do. There has been no criminal act. This would have to be decided in Civil court in front of a family judge.

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