I need to "answer" a summons I received about two weeks ago. The problem is they (The credit card company) Is in the right, I DO owe them the money. I just got in too deep and couldnt make the payments anymore so I just stopped paying on it. So now I need to know, what happens when I ignore "answering" the summons? I know they automatically win but I Have nothing to fight. they are right, I am wrong. I make about $350 a month, have not had an open bank account in 2 years, RENT my house, and do not have a car in my name. Im planning on filing bankruptcy, but not for a couple of months due to saving money for it. So, What is going to happen?

So frustrating!

I know the credit card company is going to recieve a judgement for me to pay when I do not answer the summons but are they going to garnish my wages or what... I read somewhere that I do no make enough for that.