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    Exclamation Ready to Negotiate Payment on Concealed Car

    My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: CA

    After putting down a 10k down payment and making payments for 4 1/2 years, I found myself unemployed with the repo man after me. They came by to get the car but couldn't find it. I only owed 4k on the car and was almost done making payments. Well, stupid me never realized they would tack on 3k in fees! Now, I am ready to payoff the 4k balance but there's no way I can afford 7k. The car is worth waay more than I owe.

    1. I haven't been served YET by Civil Court
    2. It's been eerily quiet and credit report says written off as of last month
    3. I refuse to drive, register or insure this car until this is settled.

    Now, how do i settle it??? Given the fact that I concealed the car, and I've been in no communication with the bank- since I knew their first question would be where do you live...could I hire a lawyer to negotiate on my behalf or is it too late for that?

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    Default Re: Ready to Negotiate Payment on Concealed Car

    Contact your creditor and make an offer.

    Hiring a lawyer to negotiate will not only cost you money, it is likely to make your lender believe that you are able to pay more than you're offering.

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