My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California

The officer wrote it down as "shoulder passing", but here is the law:

Quote Quoting State of CA
21755. The driver of a motor vehicle may overtake and pass another vehicle upon the right only under conditions permitting such movement in safety. In no event shall such movement be made by driving off the paved or main-traveled portion of the roadway.

This morning I was on my motorcycle traveling the HOV ramp of the SB 5/57 connector. This is a one-lane ramp that merges with the SB I-5 HOV lane. There are initially two lanes which eventually merge after passing under the 22 freeway. At the point of the merge traffic was backed up, which is normal. On a motorcycle it can occassionally get a little hairy when these two lanes are merging, so I'll occassionally pass cars off to the right until the lanes are one and everybody is "zippered" and in order. Keep in mind that I stay within the lane, but ride around the cars, which isn't difficult given the size of the lanes at the point of the merge.

A motorcycle officer was parked at, if not just 10-20ft beyond the point of the merge, but on the opposite (left) side of the lane(s) from myself. I made no argument or disputed it, as I don't believe this was the forum to do so.

From the officer's position on the opposite side and looking over two merging lanes of slow-moving traffic, I don't believe he could possibly determine whether my tires where within the lane or on the shoulder. I ride daily and just witnessed a motorcycle accident on the way, so I was driving very slowly and cautiously and have a good driving record. I am considering taking pictures from his POV and contesting the violation, if I have a chance at it. Tips or opinions?

Thanks in advance.