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    Default Unauthorized Wire Transfer

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: fraud/theft

    Basically my 'friend' has had access to my bank account. We always verbally agreed our finances. However, last time I saw my friend at his home in France, he withdrew money (using my cash card) while I slept and didnt tell me. Then made a money transfer to his account via my intenet bank account the next day while I was asleep. Then transfered money to his account via internet bank acccount while I was on the plane home.

    He has stolen 950 from me.

    I have had the police around and they think its a good case as the proof of the plane flight and its in his name money transfered to. BUT they said if it does go to court it will be in France. I dont speak French. My friend does..oh and yeah get training to become a lawyer.

    what should I do? I cant afford a solictor but would be entitled to legal aid.


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    Default Re: Advice Most Welcome

    Your mistake was allowing him access to your bank account.

    It will be nigh on impossible to prove that you didn't authorize the transactions.

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    Default Re: Advice Most Welcome

    thanks for the reply.

    Shows trust no-one. He's training to become a lawyer as well. Its awful

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