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    Default Probation Violation and the Interstate Compact

    My friend is young and had nobody to live with in Colorado he was on probation for felony theft, and he violated there after a year with a DUI. He dud a lil time and they added on his probation. Long story short he got it transfred from colorado to Indiana. However he got a charge here of public intox. Indiana saying co wants him back and co saying ind gave up on him. My question I've called 50 lawyers there in Colorado before the nationwide warrant hits. I can't find a lawyer that knows how to handle interstate compact and make where he won't have to go back. Here he has a home etc the violation was so minor public intox. Could he strike a plea deal without going back. What can we do without sending him back a 1000 miles to be homeless. Also will Colorado extradite him if not how long can ind hold him. Is there anything we can do here without him going back??

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    Default Re: Violated Probation Interstate Compact Colorado to Indiana

    You've already asked this question. If you have follow-up questions, you should post there.

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