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    Default "Other Names" in Form G-325 A: Biographic Information

    This form G-325 A was submitted during my spouse's green card application. Her green card has been approved, but now we wonder if it was filled out correctly. There is one small field asking for

    "ALL OTHER NAMES USED (including names by previous marriages)".

    As we understood, this question asked if she was using other names. She put in her new English name there, but did not put another name that she no longer used since young (20+ years ago, long before she came to USA). Is this correct? If not, would you let us know how to correct it?

    Would it be a problem in the future if she renew her green card or apply for a U.S. citizenship? We checked U.S. Citizenship application form, and it has as a similar question "If you have ever used other names, provide them below". Do we need to provide the same answer as before?

    Thank you very much.

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    Default Re: "Other Names" in Form G-325 A: Biographic Information

    She should provide the information on all future forms, and also at her interview. I would not expect this to be a problem, although its something she'll want to explain and be honest about if asked.

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