My question involves police conduct in the State of: Michigan

I am from Michigan and today a neighbor called the Kent County Sheriff Department on my husband and I.

Here is what happened:

My husband's friend took apart my computer trying to fix it, couldn't fix it, and afterwards informs me that him taking it apart has now voided my warranty.

Today my husband and I started bickering about it in the house a bit, so we decided to go into the garage to work it out because we refuse to argue in front of our children. As I was picking up our 10 month old son, he reached out and scratched my cheeks. IT HURT. So I CALMLY set him into his exersaucer and went out to the garage THEN started crying (I didn't want to startle the baby so I kept it in until I removed myself from the situation).

Moving on, my hubby and I are in the garage, we semi-arguing, but I'm crying while we are arguing and didn't realize how loud my voice actually was and the fact that my voice was reverberating off of the garage walls. A couple minutes into it, our middle child came outside and stopped arguing and told him he needed to go back inside and wait for us for a minute so we could finish talking. He let out this high-pitched cry thing that he does (he's 3 years old) and stomped back inside. I then turned around to walk over by the back door to see where our dog, Sookie, was. I didn't realize how close I was to the cement step-up in the garage and I bashed my left foot right into it. I let out, not a scream, more like an "aahhahaooww" type of noise and hobbled, crying harder now, and sat down. My husband is trying to make sure I am okay and everything. I however, am 6 months pregnant, irritated with my husband unjustifiably because of his friend, my face hurts and so does my foot so I start telling him to just get away from me and to leave me alone. After a minute or so he does, we calm down, and we talk everything out.

About 20 minutes later, two police officers show up in two separate cars, and a third one shows up parked across the road. We walk out of the garage and greet them. The first officer does not even get out of his vehicle, he just sits here. The second parked her car at the end of the driveway and got out and walked up.

I told them yes, we had been arguing and that we had been arguing about my computer. I told them that there was no physical violence involved and that we didn't mean to be so loud and I hadn't thought of the fact that our voices would echo. I told them that we do not argue in front of the kids which is why we stepped outside. He asked about a child crying, saying that a neighbor had reported that as well, and I told him our son came out and we sent him back inside and he started crying because we told him to go inside.

At this point I'm exhausted from arguing, exhausted from crying, and he asked about me screaming. I told him I never screamed. I was like I raised my voice a bit at one point, but I never screamed from fear or pain or anything. For G-d knows what reason, me hitting my foot slipped my mind. He never even asked about my face (my baby did leave scratch marks but my cheeks were red and everything so I'm not completely sure if he even seen them).

I apologized to him that he had to come, I even told him that I felt embarrassed one of our neighbors felt the need to call.

Now during this whole incident, he hardly wrote any notes, the female officer did not write any notes at all, he asked for our names and our phone number, but never asked to see our ID's. He appeared to be real cool and understanding about the situation, I apologized again and thanked him for coming out and they left.

Here's what I would like to know:

1. Is there a chance my husband and I could be looking at any possible charges?

2. If they come back out or anything, should I tell them that I remembered after the fact about me yiping when I hit my foot? Could I just say that I'm pregnant, I was emotional, and I was so embarrassed about them being there that I simply forgot?

3. How likely is it they will call CPS? I told them directly that we do not ever argue in front of the children, I told him exactly why my son cried, and furthermore this is they ONLY time we've ever had a domestic disturbance call done on us. We have no priors on anything like this.

4. The officers never asked to come inside, never asked to see the children, nothing of that sort. Is that a good or bad thing?

5. How long until we know what's up?

6. Any other advice you can think of?

Thank you so much for you time and I'm sorry that my O/T is so long, but I wanted to be thorough so I could give you as much information as possible.