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    Default Do Big Businesses Ever Press Charges or Claim "Harassment" to "Save Their Backside"

    I am wondering if anyone has ever heard of businesses and/or entities that will report people for "harassment" or "disorderly conduct" simply because the person is expressing negative (but true) information about a business. I hear a lot about some of the morally degraded tactics some big businesses will succomb to, and I'm wondering if this is one of them.

    For example, let's say someone gets robbed at a place of business. Worse yet, the robbery was a result of some shifty employees/management at this place. The theft victim wants to submit a police report on the event; the business handles the situation with negligence and coldness, and also tries to manipulate and discourage the theft victim from doing this, since any word getting out about this will make the business look unsafe and basically cast them in a bad light, potentially losing them some business. When the distraught, devastated theft victim starts lamenting and crying to his/her friend about how frustrating and scary the whole robbery was, other customers of the business start to overhear and get worried that they too might be at risk for getting robbed next. The business managers do not want to lose business; therefore, they call the cops on the theft victim, instructing the cops to give the theft victim a ticket for disorderly conduct or defamation or basically something to "scare" and "intimidate" the theft victim into STFU (shutting the ---- up) so no negative PR gets leaked to the public about this business.

    Anyone ever hear about anything like this?...I read about a few instances like this in some local newspapers in the past few years. I also heard about some companies--like Walmart--that will fire any employees that spill about unlawful and/or immoral business practices they coerce their employees into--and then make up some b.s. excuse for the firing, e.g. "cursing" or something that can't otherwise be proven. But I'm most interested and curious in hearing if big businesses ever pursue CRIMINAL ticketing/charges against people to avoid having negative PR leaked.

    Also -- sometimes I will watch the local TV news and see "investigative report" segments that expose frauds and corrupt business practices. If someone like the aforementioned theft victim went to such a TV station with a story about a business's corrupt tactic of covering up a crime that had occurred, what are the possible consequences if any? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Do Big Businesses Ever Press Charges or Claim "Harassment" to "Save Their Backsid

    well, it is up to the DA to determine if any charges are actually brought against a person. A business can surely call the police and make a report but that is all the power they actually have.

    Now, there have been civil suits specifically intended to quiet a noisemaker. Research "SLAPP suits"

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