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    Exclamation Forgery and Money Laundering Charges

    What is the name of your state? Arizona

    I'm being charged with two counts of Forgery, a class four felony. My case was transferred from juvenile court to adult two weeks ago as I was close to being 18. These charges stem from December of 2004 and the police held these back until I was 17 and 11 months so I would be transferred.

    My first question is I've previously pled guilty to a Forgery as a juvenile for what I thought I had done, but apparently each check that was printed whether by me or not is a count. So with that said, if somone on a home computer prints obviously fake checks, let's say a 100 seperate checks and does nothing with them. Can you be charged for 100 seperate felony forgery counts for each check or if you printed 10 checks can you be charged for 10 felony counts? What's the difference between a bad check, which is a M1 in Arizona and Forgery F4?

    Also on the referral transfer report it lists 8 felony counts, but only two with petitions filed. The counts range from Money Laundrying in the first degree, Theft, Artificies and Poss of a forgery device... What are these things and how could I possibly be charged with this stuff for printing checks? Why wasnt a petition filed for all of these charges instead of just the two counts?

    What does it mean when a CA grades charges referred by the police "D"?

    The victim is listed as my step father which I currently live with, he does not want to press charges and is not really sure why he is the victim, nor am I.

    I'm being arraigned soon and will be obtaining a lawyer but I will not have one in time for arraignment, will I be able to delay arraignment until I have a lawyer? If I'm not able to then what are the possible pleas I can enter, besides guilty or not guilty? Would it not really make a difference if I entered a not guilty plea and then obtained a lawyer?

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