My account was given to a creditor and I was sent a court date. I contacted the creditor directly and instead of going to court we came to an agreement to have a payment of $100/month. I missed the past two months payment from being out of work. Today I found my bank account frozen with my first check from my new job ready to be deposited electronically.

I contacted both the bank and the creditor and told them my situation and they said that it may take a month to get my account unfrozen. Does this sound right? I told the creditor that I could make payments with the same arrangements and pay off what I missed in the last two months with the check waiting to be deposited.

He said that I shouldnt have missed two payments and that I should have taken more responsibility. I told him that I didnt like being talked to like a child for missing two payments. He then said Im not willing to work with you and hung up on me.

What should I do? I live in Maryland and am clueless on how to get access to my check to pay other bills.