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    Default Being sued from angry ex-boyfriend

    I received a small claims writ today from an ex-boyfriend who is suing me over a laptop that he bought for me 3 years ago. He claims that I agreed to pay him. When he bought the laptop, he bought it as a gift. Also, on the small claims writ, it states that he also paid for other expenses for me from May 2003 through July 2003. And, that I owe him rent from July 2003 through August 2003. We lived together, and he offered to pay the rent for the summer because I was having hard times. He had sent an email to me about a year ago asking me to pay him back. Does he have a case? This is all going by his word that it was a verbal agreement. He is very angry because I don't talk to him anymore and want him completely out of my life. Can anyone give me advice on how to answer this small claims writ? I live in CT and the statute of limitations here for a verbal agreement is 3 years. Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: Being sued from angry ex-boyfriend

    From what you have said, you would presumably want to answer the complaint indicating that the payments and computer were gifts. The judge or magistrate who hears the case will try to decide who is telling the truth.

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