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    Default Nerve Damage After Elbow Injury - Can I Sue My Surgeon

    My question involves public health law in the State of: Ontario, Canada.

    Hi guys,

    I'm in Canada. I damaged my elbow ligament playing cricket and had to get a surgery done back in 2005. Ligament was fine but lost feeling in my whole arm and hand right after the surgery. The doctor said, it is awkward and he opened up my wrist and did a carpal tunnel surgery and told me the feeling should be back after a year. 2 years went by and no difference. The surgeon referred me to a plastic surgeon and she did a bunch of tests and figured that he put my ulner nerve in a wrong spot in my elbow and its compressed that is the reason I have no feeling. She thought It was extremely stupid of him to open up my wrist when It happened right after my elbow surgery.

    Now I have to go for another surgery on the same spot. Another 8 months of my life gone down the drain.

    I am unable to do much with my right arm for past 5 years and went through so much because of his stupid mistake.

    Do you guys think I have a case? I want to get an opinion before pay that hefty lawyer fees.

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    Default Re: Nerve Damage After Elbow Injury - Can I Sue My Surgeon

    This is a U.S. board, not a Canadian board. You should pose your question to a malpractice lawyer in your province.

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