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    Default Seller wants to change price after agreement

    One day before closing, I find that the seller owes 10,000 more than they orginally said. We signed a contract, and now the seller wants to make extensive repairs to the house so that they can sell the house for a higher price. Can the seller sell the house to someone else for more money after they signed a contract with me?

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    Default Lis Pendens - Breach of Contract for Sale of Real Estate

    Generally speaking, if the contract identifies the land, the price, the parties to the transaction, and is signed by the seller, it is probably binding upon the seller. (State laws can vary.) However, you may have to go to court to force compliance with the contract. (If you go to court your lawyer can file a document called a "lis pendens", which is a notice that goes into the chain of title that the property is the subject of litigation. It is very unlikely that anybody would buy the property until a subsequent notice was filed indicating that the litigation had been concluded.)

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