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    Default What's The Difference Between "Case Closed" and "Case Dismissed"

    Could I get the definitions

    Case procedures ?
    What is the difference of Case Closed My Case was closed on April 5th 2010
    and Case dismissed I Just got a letter that they want it dismissed ?

    How can it legally be dismissed if it is closed or is this Just another precedure to throw this case to the wolves so that Compensation does not have to pay for ,my injury at work ?

    I was Hurt at work T7 T8 T8 T9 compression fractures 1 buldged disc
    12 vertibrea pulled out of alignment to the left
    I have discovered what appears to be conspiracys to shut down my case .
    1 in paticular the fact that a hospital and a medical facility at the same times
    refused to give a doctor the records for a MRI and spinal xrays with records 1st time by saying they could not find them the second time by saying they did not exisit because they were never done .

    I supplied my copy to the Doctor of the MRI and report along with an insurance paper proving the thoractic spine xrays were paid for by insurance company ! He finally did get the spine xrays and the report !

    at Judges request in the hearing he asked me for I had in my hand The paper work of requests I handed the Judge and the opposing attorney after the judge request the papers from me.
    Would this be because I Turned in the Judge to the Judicial Committee for refusing my court requests paperwork in the middle off a hearing he told me to take back my request after he asks what was in them ! I refused to take them back ,stating please added them to the records where they belong ,He left the room without the papers leaving them on the front of the Judges stand , He also made a statement off the record in the middle of the hearing that my further injuries caused by the employer and insurance companys specialist hurting me more was irrevelent when we all know better than that
    1 more buldged disc was found May 13th 2009 the day after my visit with him in MRI and stenosis (Intail Injurys getting worse ? or Did he do that too) and ER Visit proved strained shoulder
    They are liable for the further injuries I sastained while completely thier demanded Doctors visit !

    I was requesting Judge to order Attorney give me my files in complete so that I could procede with a fair chance at getting what should be rightfully and legally mine (I want fixed as best I can be ),
    I was also requesting investigation in to the irregulaities of the Hospital and the medical facility in question .
    I was requesting that the Judge supeonia the a Doctor to testify on my behalf .

    Even thou (I am not an attorney) and the attorneys I have spoken with have stated they would look at my case If I could get them the files ) I also Just recieved a Phone call stating they wanted to set up a meeting for me to come to thier Office and go through to see what I wanted but I do not want an appointment I want them to mail them to me with the list of a itemized list of charges and for what .

    Turned in The X Attorney to the ethics Board for failing to give me my case records when the Judge allowed him to with draw ? Still fails to give me a statement of his charges for paper work and even some that I paid for ,

    Attorney Doctors with holding records and the facts and the Judge
    I have been discriminated against because I am not an attorney ! By a Court stenographer and by the opposing Attorney !

    Because my x attorney withdrew after he canceled a hearing that was to occur Nov 2009 , with Pain Management Dr that gave me epidermal spinal injections for pain and inflamation !
    He wants paid but at this time still refuses to give a statement of his charges with a list of itemization
    Yes agreement was signed for 20 % if he won the case nothing if he lost but he withdrew giving up his rights !

    Common Sense
    Any one knows that back injuries are very common probably most common with CNA workers ! any one also knows that this line of work is wear and tear on the body in all different kinds of ways especially the back ! especially when working in lock down units where the patients do not realize thier actions ! There is to be a federal Law that is to help employees out that work these types of jobs !

    also it is a proven fact that Mentally illiterate or deficiant people are to be stronger than normal !

    By the way this is a Judge that was going to review the case for 30 days and send for mediation at initail hearing Aug 5th 2008 until thier attorney stated that they felt it was premature .

    I did receive 1 month od workers compensation til they realized how extensive my injury actually is ! Then Workers Compensation intail Dr stated it could not have happened there !

    Between the Conspiracies and the discrimination for not being an attorney My whole Life is gonna be hell I do have and have had a Blood Pressure Problem since the day of the injury from the pain !

    Now Making things worse My Doctor has left the facility he worked at and I have to get another with no insurance and with work injury no one really wants me ( at least the ones I have contacted )

    Please all advice welcome need help to help save my life so I can help others again some day !

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    Default Re: What's The Difference Between "Case Closed" and "Case Dismissed"

    A case is closed when all pending legal matters before the court are resolved.

    Normally when a case is "dismissed", you would be talking about a court order issued after a settlement, voluntary dismissal by the petitioner, or motion by the respondent in which they convince the court that there are no triable issues in the case.

    Once a court orders a case dismissed, the court clerk enters the order of dismissal and closes the case.

    I have no access to the procedural history of your case, and I don't have any documentation from your case, so I am not able to tell you why the insurance company would want to "dismiss" a case that's "closed." If the case was closed subject to being reopened, perhaps they're seeking an order relieving them of any future obligation. I can only guess. Consider having the situation reviewed by a lawyer.

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    Default Re: What's The Difference Between "Case Closed" and "Case Dismissed"

    So therefore this is Highly irregular activities ? Is that what you are telling me ?

    Ok Since I do not have an attorney and I am still making attemps to Get my file is there any other suggestions you would have for help Since Attorneys want the case file to see first and I can not get it with XAttorney stalling like he has ?
    I am getting ready to send him 1 more attempt to have him Mail Complete file since he has no legal right to it any ways .

    I wish I would have the Opportunity to Have my Complete File to hand to another Attorney but as Long as this Issue is being stalled by X Attorney it sure make for little Chances to ever Get a fair Hearing being that as many records as they can have changed is highly probable in this case .

    To help keep all them out of the Trouble that legally they all could be in .

    Like I stated first time I have a real good insight as to How Unfair the Justice system can Be ,How Crooked the Doctors can be and How Neglectful they can be with thier Patients when some thing like this is going on !
    Also How Unethical and Immoral ,Unprofessional , That Attorneys and Judges can get away , and to boot How the Higher Ups have thier ways of trying to help them get away with the wrong doings and unprofessional actions they pull .
    since I know How they have already changed circumstances ,paper work ect to make it like you are crazy and they are right , I just wish there was some one or some lace that could do a complete Legal investigation of this whole situation ,Wow I bet they would be amazed at the corruptions and deals that have been made to throw away this case along with the Life I had before and thi Makes one really Question why so many out there on disability and SSI or even welfare , that Workers Comp really should be the paying for .

    I can only Hope that some one ofr some program out there can help at this time Since the Legal Judicial sytem and the ethics Board does not sem to be handling legally!

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    Default Re: What's The Difference Between "Case Closed" and "Case Dismissed"

    So therefore this is Highly irregular activities ? Is that what you are telling me ?

    Just Looking for answers ! Please Help any one who can !

    I am In pain all the time I NOW have a deformity of my back Right side sticks out and swelling most of the time since accident other than when treatments occurred !

    I have what ever live left to live and Because I was working for a County I or no one else should ever have to endur the ignorances that have ben dealt to me .

    I can tell you there are lots of illegular activities in this case ,
    Like Regular insurance stopped with out notice with a retro active checks had to be mailed back to Insurance Company stated no reason given
    this is on top workers comp stopping payments and all work comp care after 1 month .
    The State stopping my CNA license 2 years from the date I got them not 2 years from the date that I last worked .
    Work requirement for these was to have worked 8 hour in a 24 month period !

    Union dues check sent back with letter saying it was taken out of my check by Mistake .
    I do have these original Letter and never cashed the check ,

    Doctors refusing to send to specialists and the normal testing requested for Pain and nerve damages . Which is Medical Neglect . No matter thier reasonings ! especially When BP High due to pain levels , films and reports not giiven up with request and Lies made up to decieve .

    along with intail records seemed to come up missing that I had to fill out to be seen to begin with Aug 2007 at Urgent Care facility .

    X Attorney blaming Dr for Not wanting to testify and stating record keeping piss poor ,
    Doctor also stated that Attorney seemed like he did not want him to testify ,
    At the same time this Doctor was the one who told me to get an attorney.

    I also Have a Letter from this Doctor for the date he wanted to do the Meeting - hearing with attorney for my proofs and a Letter from a second Court stenographer that I had been in contact with them Concerning this date ( which was the Name the first Court stenographer gave me when they refused My money and stated they were not going to get invovled that since I did not have an attorney that should show me I did not have a case .

    Which is clearly Discrimination for not having an attorney

    I also Have a Letter from the Other Employers attorney dated 1 day to late for the 30 day requirement (because he would not speak to me on the Telephone because I am not an attorney and he did not fax me back as needed to be done for the Hearing to be set up with the Courts as requested by the Judge .

    Also Discrimination for not having an attorney ,

    Letter to Copy of Letter to Ethics Board Complaint and Copy of the Complaint to the Judicial Commity . Which mal practice is explained above in the First sub

    about Judge refusing paper work and also the fact of his illegal statement in court . To mis lead me which is Unethical and is mis conduct for a judge !

    Numbers of false statements is Doctors records that are recorded in other Doctors records ,

    Medical facility even failed to give all record to the Social Sucurity Administration ! That is with holding of records requested by the federal Goverment .

    Is there any Attorneys or Lawyers out there that are honest and knows how to get the Truth out to Help individuals Like me especially in a case Like this one That Attorney refused to Give me my Files to have a fair Court Process !

    Doesn't this all ad up to my civil rights as a Human being, being trampled on which shows conspiracys have to be invovled this much Cooruptions for this case to be being blocked which is causing me more pain and suffering and financial damages which will more than likely lead to make my life a living hell and possibly ending alot sooner than it would have if I would have prper care ?

    Please Some one Help Me .
    other wise I have been given basically give me slow death to come and a life of pain and frustrations of what is left of it .
    I already have spent the worst 2 years and almot 10 months of my life since 8/25/07
    NO Attorney wants my case with out my complete files ,

    We have to have an honest Attorney that has to knows how to make the system work for the people not for places to get out of paying for injuries that happen to employees .

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    Default Re: What's The Difference Between "Case Closed" and "Case Dismissed"

    I have to add this Improving the Health of Cambria County

    EBENSBURG, CAMBRIA COUNTY - It has been more than a month since Cambria County was ranked one of the unhealthiest in the state. County leaders vowed to take pro-active steps towards better health for residents, so where do they stand now?

    Commissioner PJ Stevens said that he is still waiting for survey results to come in from local businesses, schools and community organizations. The forms were sent out in April. Each individual who received a form was to collect data and important information to determine which health issues directly affect their area.

    From there, Stevens said he hopes to have several top health concerns that the county can begin work to improve on.

    “We have to look at the report, see the data that was collected and then prioritize it. If we identify the area’s that need improvement first, where we can have the greatest impact,” said Stevens.

    How when they are not even taking care of thier own workers and do every thing they can to make sure they do not have to help fix them through workmen Compensation ?

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    Default Re: What's The Difference Between "Case Closed" and "Case Dismissed"

    Recently I also Just found out the epidermal injections for the pain and inflamation from my injurys , Now I may need surgery both eyes cateracts which is well known that this comes from the injection medications !

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    Default Re: What's The Difference Between "Case Closed" and "Case Dismissed"

    I suggest retaining a lawyer.

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    Default Re: What's The Difference Between "Case Closed" and "Case Dismissed"

    where are the Honest attorneys at ? That do not take pay offs of pats on the Back since I believe I thought I went to the top of the line with Judicial Comminttee and the ethics board to stop illegal actions and that has not helped ,It sure looks to me like Pa. does not have a Honest System any more to me .

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    Default Re: What's The Difference Between "Case Closed" and "Case Dismissed"

    Yep illigal case dismissal has occurred !

    I believe I read conspiracy statue of limitations makes for a longer period of time for me to get all proven and I believe that fraud includes pay offs to throw cases !
    Since I have been told now that this Attorney has 2 years and he can throw away all my records ! Just an other way to get over on the legal issues at hand !
    the complaints and reports will get started now !

    The internet is a good tool for spreading the word of the ignorances
    and naming names !

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    Default Re: What's The Difference Between "Case Closed" and "Case Dismissed"

    Got letter from Judicial Conduct board On 8/2/10
    Who has Juristiction Over Workers Compensation Judges,

    Dear Ms. ,
    Your recent confidential request for investigation from March 2,2010 to the Judicial Conduct Board has been recieved ,and based on information you provided. no violation with in the investigation of the Judicial Conduct Board could Identified

    Judicial Conduct Board does not investigate complaints against worker compenation judges ,hearing masters arbitrators, conciliators, and/or mediators, However ,youmay want to consider addressing your complaint to the president judge of the county in which you compaint occurred . Alternatively ,you may wish to continue to explore with private counsel what legal options or remedies maybe available to you .

    The Judicial Conduct Board has no authority to conduct investigation of a complaint that is not in thier Juristiction,Your correspondence is returned to you ,
    Signed by . esquire
    even thou left this blank here I have not left it blank in other places on the net
    from address
    P.O. Box 62525
    Harrisburg Pa. 17106-2525,

    They had
    returned a letter way back March 2010 then that they had received the complaint , this matter would be investigated and asked for confidence . Now 6 months later they are basically throwing it out of thier Office as if it were never there stating they do not have juristiction , Looks like more conspiring has occurred ,here with this.

    Who is over the Judges at Workers compenation since there is some one over them , do I just write into the supreme Court for federal help or where ?

    as you can see it sure looks like Big time cover up and trying hard to shut me up with this matter and I will say it again I am not going to give up I will kep spreading the word of the crime that is and has been happening to me .

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