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    Exclamation Figuring out if you're being investigated

    This may sound confusing as it is to me also...but please let me know what u think about this. On tuesday evening my father called me and said that there was a SWAT team outside of his house and they had been watching him from the trees, bushes, etc...and that i should get over there right away because he thought he was about to be arrested. I hurry over to his house only to find nobody in dad was pointing and saying "dont u see that man right there..?" i saw nothing that he was seeing. while i was on the way over i called the fairfax county police to see what the SWAT team was doing at my dads about 10 mins after i arrived at my dads the police showed up in the driveway. They had stated that there was no SWAT team looking after my dad and that he was "seeing things". they suggested taking him to a mental health place but my dad refused to go so then the police left because my dad said he did not intend to harm himself or others. On wednesday (the next day), my dad called and apologized to me and realized that he was "seeing things" and that maybe it was his medication or somebody "drugged him" slipping somthing into his drink. on thursday, today, my dad just called me again and said he was seeing the same people ouside watching his every move...and even said that he had found miniature cameras that had been installed in various places throught his house.He says that he takes back appologizeing to me and insists that he WAS NOT going crazy and these thing REALLY WERE going on. i DO know that his landlord has been avoiding him for the past couple of days and when my dad tries to approach him, he runs off as if ordered not to speak to him. My dad is a very normal and intellegent man...he cant possibly be going crazy. If they were doing a private investigation on him and these things my dad is saying is true...would the police have told him...or would they have covered it up and insisted that he was going crazy?! Somehow i have a gut feeling that my dad is telling the truth but i am also questionable and very confused. please let me know if the police would cover it up if there was an investigation......

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    Default Re: Could there be an investigation on my dad?

    What you describe sounds like the result of either mental illness or intoxication. (Unfortunately, just like everybody else, normal intelligent people can develop mental illness.) If your father is on any medication, this could also be a reaction or an indication that his blood levels have reached an unsafe level - some medications will cause hallucinations. Given that it happened more than once, if it is intoxication you should consider the possibility of a substance abuse problem.

    If your father has found cameras, he should be able to show them to you.

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