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    Unhappy Fiance with History of Illegal Reentry

    My fiance has a history of being denied entery while her tourist visa was valid. She was sent back to her country and illegally reentered, she has since gone back to her country volunteerly and I have applied for a fiance petition for her that has been approved. The alien number on the fiance petition is the same as the alien number she was assigned when she was denied entry, so clearly uscis has this on record and approved my petition.
    She has her interview coming up with the consulate and we are wondering how this will be handled. I have been told that she may have to pay a fine and may still be granted the visa to come so we can be married, so long as the relationship is valid and there is sufficient proof of this. She has no history of criminal charges and payed taxes while she was here.

    Is this true or is there no chance that she will be issued the K1?

    Any clue?

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    Default Re: Fiance with History of Illegal Reentry

    So she has problems that we don't know about, that led to her being repeatedly turned back at the border? And she has a history of illegal entry? She should be talking to an immigration lawyer.

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