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    I have a debt with a collection agency from an apartment lease that i had to break due to medical conidtions. I have asked the creditor for a copy of the exact charges, however they have never sent them. I got a phone call today from the collection agency and was told that i needed to pay all of the debt today before they turned it over to their lawyers. I explained to them that I was unable to pay off the debt in 1 lump sum becaus emy husband was off of work due to spinal surgery and that he has been off since the beginning of March and that his surgery was scheduled for June 6. He would then be off for 16 weeks after that. I told the company that all that i could afford to send them was $50 since i was the only one working and that when my husband was released to go back to work i would be able to send them more a month. The agency said that I could send them this amount. However, they were not sure that this would not stop it from garnishing my wages. I have 2 young children, rent and utilities that i need to pay. What are my options to stop this from happening? Doesn't the company have to accept any attempt that i pay on the debt?

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    The collection agency does not have to agree to let you pay the debt in installments. Whether or not they can garnish your wages, assuming they take you to court and get a judgment, depends upon the laws of your state.

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