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    Default Geico Insurance Trying to Protect Their At-Fault Driver

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: Maryland

    I dont know what to do anymore. Geico is telling me that they are going to believe what their customer had told them and for me to deal with my own insurance and take care of things. Now my insurance want me to go ahead and pay my deductible and fix my car and they will later on go through arbitration for them to do a thing about it. Geico wouldn't even send out an adjuster to look at my car. The other driver damage was only a minor passenger side fender and mirror while mine was my entire driver damn.

    Quick summary of what happen.
    We were on the beltway and his car was on the far left lane #1 while my car was on lane #2. I was on my lane driving for the past 2 min when this hard impact from my driver side rear was felt. I didn't notice what had happen but my wife told me the infinity on my left either lost control and side swapp me or he didn't see me while he was trying to change lane.

    When we both stopped, he got out and told me he put on his signal and thought I saw him which I didn't. He wanted to exchange information but I told him no I rather wait for the police. The police shows up and exchange of information was the only option given out. I am like WTF? no police report or anything.

    I call his insurance company and I was told that the guy had told them that we both try to get on the same lane so they can't do anything about it since we were both at fault. I mean HELLO?? my rear was banged up and my side was all scratched up from him swapping my car and trying to get back to his lane.

    I am with Esurance and it shows that they are not so good with claims. My estimate repair is $5900 and some change with my $1k deductible.

    There were no other witnesses and I was hoping for someone to stop but we were on the beltway and the next exist was about 3 or so miles away so I knew no one was going to exist and get back on the freeway to be a witness.

    I need help with this please. I am pissed and I can't dish out no 1k... I mean for what? I shouldn't have to. I dont know why this guy is not trying to take full responsibilities for his mess. I bet his damage is going to be under a thousand.

    Please help. I need legal advice to go after Geico Insurance

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    Default Re: Geico Insurance Trying to Protect Their At-Fault Driver

    You can try to work things out as your insurance company advised, or you can try filing a lawsuit against the other driver.

    You can only sue for up to $5,000 in Maryland small claims court, so if you sue there it appears that you would have to waive part of your claim.

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