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    Default Reporting Earnings Only when Earnings Have Been Received

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: PA

    Hereís my situation. Iím a web designer/developer in PA who was laid off in June 2009. I enrolled in UE. About a month later the company that laid me off offered me "as needed" contract work from home, which I accepted. But in fear that I wouldnít get paid for the contract work, since the company was going under, I did not report my earning to UE until I received pay from the contract work which was monthly. I continued to do this till the end of the year.

    The company now merged/bought out by another larger company in Jan this year, which also offered me the same contract work. This new company had a work approval process that also made me worry about not getting paid for work being completed so I continued to not report earnings till I got paid. ThenÖ a couple of months ago, I got into a jam and needed cash so I didnít report earnings on 2 paychecks till months later. UE called me up, said there was a discrepancy and wanted information which I didnít provide. They sent me a questionnaire form regarding my employment statues, who I worked for and who I work for now, in a nut shell. Also the form requests paycheck stubs.

    Iíve never been laid off or on unemployment before. I know what I did wasnít correct but I needed to make sure that I was financially covered. I really donít know what I should do or what I should expect to happen? Any help would really be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Reporting Earnings Only when Earnings Have Been Received

    what can you do? You scammed the UI folks and got caught. Unless I am mistaken, you are to report earnings when earned, not when paid. The way you did things, you were reporting a 1 time payment once a month so it only affected that one week regardless of when you worked. That is not how it works.

    so, you do what they tell you to.

    I really donít know what I should do or what I should expect to happen?
    based on what you said, expect to get DQ'd for UI, plan on paying back any overpayments and hope it stops there.

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