My question involves real estate located in the State of: WA Just went thru Divorce, the house was awarded to me. She currently lives in it. I have 2 mortgages on it. I was told that I have 1 yr to fix it and have it sold, it is in disrepair, flooring has been pulled up in rooms, bathroom was remodeled as well as kitchen but it was not kept up. I will only have $18 a month to spend on fixing it up, paying lawyers etc, I just want to get out from underneath it once she moves out. Should I just let it go to foreclosure? I am 2 months behind on the second mortgage and have always been up to date on the first mortgage. I owe approximately $160,000 for both mortgages. Or should I just do a short sale, which if I understand it correctly will still leave me with payments to make. Any ideas are appreciated!!