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    Default Arbitration Award help

    Hi! Wondering if anyone can help me with this.

    Was scammed into a distributorship deal, went into arbitration and won an award against the company. Now it looks like this company is not that easy to trace and I do not want to waste a whole lot more money on a wild goose chase. The arbitration award is about 20,000. Have contacted a couple of collection lawyers, the cheapest one asking 1,700 and being unable to offer any guarranty that anything is going to come out of it.

    I was wondering if anyone could offer help on how I could turn to arbitration award to a judgement and go after the scammers, the individuals involved rather than the company which may itself have no assets. Any help is appreaciated. Thanks.


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    Your ability to turn an arbitration award into a judgment will depend upon the laws of your state, and possibly the terms of your arbitration agreement.

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