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    Default Renter Broke Lease After 1 Week

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Michigan
    We own a tri-plex in Michigan. A new tentant gave a security dep 6 weeks ago to hold the apt. She and her boyfriend (and 2 children that she did not list n the lease) moved in. After 5 days, she called to tell us that she did not like the water pressure and wanted the house re-plumbed. It is a 165 year old home. We had lived there for 13 years and the pressure is fine, just not as strong as she liked. We told her that the pressure was actually controlled by village, and that all of the houses in town has the same type of pressure. She called the next day to tell us she was moving out in 2 days. Do I have to return her entire deposit and first month's rent?

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