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    Default Section 8 Housing Authority "Side Payment" of Rent

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: illinois

    Hey everyone, I am currently on section 8 housing authority and I get about $800 per month from them. I found an apartment thats $1100 which i really love. So I told the landlord to say to section 8 that the rent is $800 and I will give him the difference ($300) "on the side." So we made two contracts one that says $800 which we gave to section 8, and one that says $1100 which only me and the landlord keep. Everything was ok until recently I fell on some hard times and I was not able to pay my "side payment" to the landlord. He told me that he will evict me if I dont pay the money. He also said he will tell the housing authority about the "side deal" and he will take me to court.

    My questions are
    1. Can he evict me?
    2. What will happen to MY section 8 housing authority qualification if he tells them about the "side payments"?
    3. What will happen to HIS section 8 qualifications if the housing authority finds out about the "side payments"?
    4. Will i go to jail if he tells the housing authority?

    I realize this is illegal to give side payments while with the housing authority, but the apartment was really nice. Please answer with a calm head and provide as much details as possible. I plan to hire an attorney as well but I just wanted to ask here so that others may also benefit from this question.


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    Default Re: Section 8 Housing Authority "Side Payment" of Rent

    I am not able to review the relevant documents from here; your local legal aid office or housing agency should be able to answer based upon the governing federal, state and local regulations as well as their contract with your landlord and your lease.

    I am going to tell you what I would expect to happen. I expect that your landlord's agreement in becoming a Section 8 landlord forbids any "side deals", as does your lease with your landlord. I would expect that if he reports his violation, he'll be found to be in violation of his contract. I very much doubt that he could successfully evict you, despite the safeguards in a Section 8 lease, based upon your violation of the side agreement.

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