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    Default Suing a Car Repair Shop

    my car overheated and had to be towed into a car repair shop in 09/2005. long story short, i brought it back to them 6 or 7 times after that point, the last visit being 03/2006. I spent roughly 2K, and every single one of those visits was because my car was overheating (again) and leaking radiator fluid (again).

    they would fix it, pressure test it, keep it overnight, and then it woudl be fine. then a month or two later it woudl start losing fluid and overheating. after all of those visits, and all the money spent, it started losign fluid/overheating again, at which point they pretty much said they don't want to work with my car anymore and that i should take it to the dealership so that tehy can work with it, as they woudl have better knowledge of that specific vehicle.

    i asked if they would be footing the bill for that, as i had already paid them to fix the problem, and of course they refused. i brought my car in today to the mistubishi dealership, they said that it was leaking at the waterpump, and that it is probable that only the water pump needs replacing. on the second to last visit out of the 7, they replaced the water pump.

    mitsubishi thinks it will be about 600 for the repairs, and i think that it is unfair that i paid 2000 for all that work at the local shop and my problem was never fixed. whenever i argue with them, i basically say 'i paid you to fix the problem, and you don't fix it, yet you keep my money', and their response is along the lines of 'we did the work adn it is a new problem'.

    should i pursue this? it seems cut and dry to me but i'm ignorant in this area. seems i should get at least 600 to cover the repairs i had to have done at the dealership, if not a full refund of my 2000 as they never fixed the problem (and nevermind how inconveniencing it is to have to deal with 6 or 7 trips to the car dealership, where you have to either find a friend or taxi back because you need to leave the car overnight)

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    Default Re: suing a car repair shop

    You can sue in small claims and it will be up to the judge. Check with your local magistrate for the forms.

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    i know it needs to be small claims court, but all i do is contact the court magistrate and he'll give me forms, i fill them out, and that's that?

    also, does it seem like i was ripped off? in my eyes, and the eyes of those who have seen the receipts, it seems to be that way.

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    Default Re: Suing a car repair shop

    It sounds like the mechanic didn't have the skills necessary to properly diagnose the problem, but kept trying anyway.

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    well, mitsubishi took care of my car. it was the water pump that was leaking. the irony being that the 'i'm about to get sued' shop replaced that water pump like 5 months ago.

    this will be interesting. mitsubishi gave me the broken water pump and a receipt, i'm considering taking those to the repair shop in question and threatening again, hoping to maybe just get reimbursed for the mitsubishi trip, and then waive my rights to further compensation.

    mitsubishi trip was like 600$. i spent a total of about $2K at the local shop. does it sound like a good idea to ask for the 600$ first, since i already paid them to do the water pump, and then if htey refuse sue them for the 2K of work they did, considering it never fixed the problem (nevermind the obscene inconveniences/costs incurred by having to bring my car there like 6 or 7 times for the same overheating issues)?

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