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    Default Witness List and Discovery


    I am assisting my 16 year old daughter with her preparation of her criminal trial on October th of 2004 on charges of attending a nuisance party.

    What we would like to know is when is it required to give the witness list and documents (evidence) to the prosecutor atorney's office in the state of Michigan.



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    Default Complying with criminal discovery

    You can review the Michigan Court Rules here.

    You may wish to look at MCR 6.201, which governs discovery in criminal cases. Prosecutors typically crank out a discovery demand under this court rule as a matter of course, and thus your daughter or her attorney may well have already been served with one. Additionally, some discovery is mandatory under the rule. Subsection F provides,
    Quote Quoting MCR 6.201(F)
    Unless otherwise ordered by the court, the prosecuting attorney must comply with the requirements of this rule within 7 days of a request under this rule and a defendant must comply with the requirements of this rule within 14 days of a request under this rule.
    Additionally, if you are planning certain defenses (such as an alibi defense) there are notice provisions which must be met.

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