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    Default Getting a Restricted License After Serious Violation of Graduated License

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Tennessee
    I got a speeding ticket for going 105 mph on 70 zone and got my license suspended for 180 days . i received the ticket when i was 17 i turned 18 a few weeks ago.
    My judge suspended my license but didn't send it to the state i guess so i can have a clean record not sure though. i was wondering if there was anyone who would know how i can either get a restricted license or anything so i can drive again. only reason im asking is because im fresh out of high school and i want to go to college but the school i want to go to is a 1hr and 30 min drive i have already missed 3 registration days and i dont want to waste 6 months of my life sitting at home. its been about 3 months since i have had my license suspended and i have defensive driving class in a few days. i cant really afford a lawyer either. if anybody can please help me give me some information i would greatly appreciate it. thank you

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    Default Re: Getting a Restricted License After Serious Violation of Graduated License

    If in fact the court suspended your driving privileges without reporting it to the state, and I'm skeptical that the suspension was not reported, you can petition the judge to give you some form of restricted driving privilege.

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