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  1. Re: Trick to Get Free Repair Work Done on House, Could This Work

    This is not the "how to commit a crime" forum.
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    Re: Covid, Masks, Stores

    The maskless man is on private property so if told to leave, he needs to do so.

    Most stores offer alternatives for those who may not be able to wear a mask for some reason. Something to note is...
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    Re: Reporting Child Pornography

    What state/country?

    Generally, you will only face the possibility of getting in trouble if their investigation shows that you were more than an accidental visitor. Clicking a risky link and...
  4. Re: Local Impound Yard Won't Release My Vehicle Without a Current Inspection Sticker

    Have you offered to bring a tow truck to haul it to the shop to be repaired and then inspected?

    I'm not seeing anything directly on point with regards to impounded vehicles and release beyond the...
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: First Time Dui, Query About the Outcome

    Ugh. Absolutely nothing. Not sure where I got OH from. Brain fart. It happens to us old people.
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: First Time Dui, Query About the Outcome

    Based on what you posted, it appears you were found guilty or perhaps plead nolo contendre (whatever Ohio's equivalent is) but that if you complete traffic school within 2 months the case will be...
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    Re: Repossession Laws on Title Pawn

    There is no law that I can find that makes it illegal.

    That being said, the pawn broker can make it a part of your title pawn contract not to take it out of the state and if you signed it; you...
  8. Re: Sales Tax in Ct Collected by a Pymt Processor

    If you do not have a line for "Sales tax" on your purchase receipt with a value on it and you are not buying it to then sell it, you have to pay use tax.
  9. Passing a School Bus: Re: What Do You Do if You Are Charged of Passing a School Bus, but Didn't Do It

    What state did this occur in?

    A bench trial would be a trial with only a judge, not a jury.

    You will need to bring your witness to trial to testify on your behalf.
  10. Defamation: Re: Surgeon is Acting Unstable and Suicidal -- Report

    This is a pre-spammer. Just copying part of a previous post. Been reported several times.
  11. Unlicensed Driving: Re: Got a Misdemeanor on My First Ticket -- What to Do

    The court may still allow the 12500A to be correctable. I can't make any 100% guarantees but you may get a notice of correction for the citation in the mail dropping it from a misdemeanor to an...
  12. Unlicensed Driving: Re: Got a Misdemeanor on My First Ticket -- What to Do

    What are the exact code sections you were cited for?

    I'm betting the out of state license issue can be prosecuted as either an infraction or misdemeanor, depending on the code section, and would...
  13. Re: Please help! Should i do what my probation officer advised?

    Did you take this something while you were already on probation? If so, the probation officer can violate you.

    Could the store report the theft? Sure. Will they? Probably not as long as it...
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    Assault & Battery: Re: Assault on a Peace Officer

    Depending on what your husband told the emergency operator, sending police along with EMTs may be SOP. If he indicated you were a threat to yourself or others due to an altered mental state, that...
  15. Thread: Help

    by free9man

    Re: Help

    I do not say this to be mean, rude, sarcastic or belittling:
    You do not have a legal issue, you have a mental health issue.
    Your time would be better spent seeking the assistance of a mental health...
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    Re: Grandma Never Lets Me Have My Son

    Did you legally grant her custody in any way?

    If not, go get your son and leave. It may mean the end of your relationship with your mom but it doesn't sound like that's much of a loss. Be...
  17. Thread: Shoddy Work

    by free9man

    Contractors and Subcontractors: Re: Shoddy Work

    Maybe, just maybe, this will be the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back for TM and he'll stop engaging Chuckles. Maybe, just maybe, we'll finally get some regular moderation back on this...
  18. Re: Child Visitation While Attending School in Person

    Have you pitched it to your ex that it's a good thing as she gets more time with her child now?

    I don't see why a court would hold you in contempt for simply declining to exercise your visitation...
  19. Thread: Bats

    by free9man

    Repair and Maintenance: Re: Bats

    I can't speak for other states but bats in Georgia are deemed to be protected under O.C.G.A. 27-1-28. It's not a protection specific to bats but they fall under it's umbrella.

    A quick check of...
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    Re: Being Harassed, Need to Break Lease

    Anyone else find it ironic that Chuckles complains about members mistreating people who come here with legal questions then turns around and calls the OP in this thread naive, wimpy, lazy, fearful,...
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    Re: Stickers if License Suspended

    You should be able to renew your registration even with a suspended license. Just make sure a licensed drive takes it to be smogged.
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    Re: Talking to a Minor Online

    I'm still wondering who ran off with the Banhammer Of Tender Enlightenment,
  23. Asset Protection: Re: Bank Insolence - How to Get the Checking Account of a Deceased Spouse

    If there was no Pay on Death or beneficiary designated for the account, it is an asset of the your mom's estate. The bank will not release it until probate is opened and someone is named...
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    Re: Talking to a Minor Online

    Then could you please explain what I'm misreading on the following site regarding the PROTECT act, put up by the United States government who I assume knows what they are talking about?
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    Re: Talking to a Minor Online

    The age of consent is not an issue as you shouldn't be getting sexual with a 16 year old.

    If you were to do so, you would a. be a creep and b. be in violation of federal law for even going there...
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