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  1. Criminal Investigations: Re: Search on Unlocked Car Without Notification

    You don't leave "affidavits" with the search in any circumstance. They are presented to the court to get the warrant. There's no need to leave any notice behind if they take things pursuant to a...
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    Guardianship: Re: Change Name Back

    Yes, once he's 18, he's free to go to court and take any name he wants. Prior to 18, the legal guardian has to petition for the change.
  3. Re: Certified Letter Not Received (Proof) - Storage Unit Sold

    There's no obligation on the lessor to get a return receipt. All he needs to do is show he mailed it.
    The USPS has no responsibility to the recipient here.
    Certified mail is proof that it was...
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    Emancipation: Re: Would Emancipation Be Worth It

    A minor can initiate contracts in California, but only a fool would take one as they are voidable.
    I'm not sure minors can delegate POAs, but delegation of POAs by the parents with regard to child...
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    Emancipation: Re: Would Emancipation Be Worth It

    I suspect the parents have given a their power of attorney to allow a person to act for them on matters involving a child. A child can't grant a POA any more than they could engage in the contracts...
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    Re: I Got a Ticket Violation 23123.5

    No points, $157.
    It won't go on your record/insurance.
  7. Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Lane Sharing Between Hov and Adjacent Lane

  8. Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Lane Sharing Between Hov and Adjacent Lane

    It's specifically illegal and a misdemeanor (reckless driving) in Virginia. The only exception is that two motorcycles can ride abreast.
  9. Re: Certified Letter Not Received (Proof) - Storage Unit Sold

    RRR doesn't change anything with this regard. The storage company has done all they need to do as soon as it was mailed whether it was delivered or the receipt returned or not. Again, the USPS...
  10. Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Lane Sharing Between Hov and Adjacent Lane

    Here's the lane splitting law.

    Note it makes the CHP guidance a de facto interpretation of the actual law.

    (a) For the purposes of this section, “lane splitting” means...
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    Working With a Lawyer: Re: Researching Your Case

    Note that very few of us here are attorneys.

    Note your use of the terminology is wrong. The SOL "expires". Tolling refers to putting the time on hold.

    Unless your attorney had indeed...
  12. Re: Certified Letter Not Received (Proof) - Storage Unit Sold

    Sorry. Certification only really guarantees proof of mailing. Proof of receipt, unless you've asked specifically for the return receipt, is not guaranteed. The fact that the tracking might show...
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    Social Security Issues: Re: Do I Have a Case

    If you're talking about Plan B medicaid premiums being withheld from your SS benefit, then indeed there's a provision you may be bumping up against.
  14. Re: Think I Might Have Been a Victim of a Employment Scam

    Was there also a W4?
  15. Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: 2 Dui's in Different States and 2 Driving Licenses

    Alas, your "checking" is probably invalid. What is supposed to happen is that when you get a license in the new state, that is reported through the NDR (all 50 states are obliged to comply) to...
  16. Re: Think I Might Have Been a Victim of a Employment Scam

    A "W-9" is more than "just for contractors." It's merely a request for a SSN and a certain declaration. It's sort of redundant with I-9 for employees, but there may be some payments (such as...
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    Other Issues: Re: Denied Visa Through Marriage

    You'll have to explain that again in English.
  18. Determination of Fault: Re: Purposely Obstructing Merge. Who is at Fault

    Sorry but you are still wrong. While etiquette would mandate that people allow mergers to enter, it is entirely the fault that the merger cuts into the lane without ascertaining that the other...
  19. Re: Wa Speeding Ticket, Requested for Discovery, Requested Officer to Show Up

    Unless you have some persuasive proof that he couldn't see you at 1351 feet, you're not going to get anywhere. Neither is the "you got the wrong car" especially with lidar and his testimony that...
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    Re: No One Owns the Driveway

    What anybody tells you verbally is of entirely no USE to you when you are dealing with a real estate purchase. NONE OF IT CAN BE RELIED UPON IN LEGAL ACTIONS.

    You get a survey and a title search...
  21. Re: Can a Veterinarian Share a Pets Medical History to an Insurer Without Permission

    Pets are not protected by HIPAA. I can almost bet you authorized them to do this when you took out the policy. Of course, as a vet I'd likely tell them to pound sand without explicit...
  22. Title Ownership: Re: Towing Company in Nevada Refusing Release of Car to Driver, Child of Title Holder

    The title company is ill-advised to release car to other than the owner or an authorized agent. That you have a copy of the title or his license doesn't prove anything. He might be able to...
  23. F Visas: Re: Does Previous Suspension from College Affect Chances of F1 Visa Renewal for Retur

    Sorry, but your original F1 visa was terminated when you ceased to be a full-time student at the school for which it was issued. You may have been able to transfer it to another school at the time...
  24. Other Offenses: Re: Can a Person Be Convicted of Attempted Burglary if They Did No Enter the Home

    All the state needs to show is that he intended to commit a burglary and made some act toward doing so. Indeed looking in the windows or otherwise casing the joint is such an act. If he had...
  25. Settling a Debt: Re: Widow Responsible for Medical Debt if I Die

    I think you misunderstand. Tenancy in common is easier to break up than joint tenancy or tenancy by the entirety. Your will is meaningless unless you have assets over what your debts are.
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