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  1. Repair and Maintenance: Re: Your Advice

    Make sure you have all your move in and out pictures, mold documentation reports and any other evidence you have (text messages, emails, etc.) ready to go if they sue.
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    Re: Using a Conveyancing Comparison Site

    From your wording, I am wondering if you are in the U.S.?
  3. Purchase Contracts: Re: How Screwed Am I (Seller's Failure to Probate)

    Maybe I didn't read carefully enough, or am misunderstanding, but when you say "it says Daughter and Auntie own the property", how do they hold it? As Tenants in Common? Joint Tenants With Rights of...
  4. Security Deposits: Re: Is It Legal to Be Charged $1400 in Addition to My Deposit of $1250

    You can use your "move out" pictures to document that the damages they claim were not present, and contest this in small claims court.
  5. Service and Repair: Re: My Car Was Broken into While at Dealership for Repairs

    I would make sure this has been reported to Police. That they are repairing physical damage may mean they don't intend to file with insurance, so YOU may need to report the incident to LE. I have no...
  6. Gifts: Re: Parents Giving Gifts to Children While Underage

    I imagine there's more going on here than just a bike. My advice would be to drop the whole thing, go be successful, and hope to salvage some sort of relationship at a later date.
  7. Fences and Walls: Re: He Built a Fence Between Where Each of Our Deeds End, and on My Land

    Mark47n, Perhaps this will help clarify; " The surveys were done as part of the process when each house was purchased, and mine converted to condos, and his renovated for fancy apartments for I'm not...
  8. Recovery of Premises: Re: Tenant Abondoned House and Belonging

    I'm not quite clear. Who is the "they" who didn't pay the utilities? Was she living with other people? Has she continued to pay her rent since she left?

    "She did say she was coming back in a few...
  9. Creation of an Easement: Re: Immediate Neighbors Using Our Road and They Are Mean

    You need to find out how all this started to happen. Did someone ever grant them permission to use this road? If so, find out as much as you can who did, when and under what circumstances. This...
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Right of Way

    Does he have any granted right of way or easement? It sounds as if he does not. Has he used this gas well road, without the owners knowledge for more than 10 years? If it were me, I would talk to a...
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Is a Neighbor Liable for Root Damage to a Water Line That Runs Across Their Prope

    yyz0 wrote "Not really sure where you got that from the previous post."

    I got it from this, in his initial post;

    "My home was built in the 1950's and was in place before the other home was...
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Scope of a Utility Easement

    I had thought that since the water line was in place before the neighboring house was built, it was simplest at the time just to grant the easement. So, having a defined easement mandates that the...
  13. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: My Water Main Goes Thru Neigbors Property and a Tree Caused Leak Are the Liable

    You can certainly request that the tree be removed. You can also look into having your water line moved onto your property, where you can insure that there are no further damages that could be caused...
  14. Moving Out: Re: Roommate is Threatening That I Have to Renew Here Though I Don't Want To

    And while chatting, I would likely hand them written notice of your non-renewal...
  15. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Right of Way Guides for Grantees

    Bigtrees wrote; "He can place whatever new he wants within the 50 feet easement as long as the portion you are setting up for your driveway is left unimpeded and you are given adequate access to get...
  16. Land Use and Zoning: Re: Aggrieved Standing

    I'm not sure how you will be able to establish that they are running a Commercial Kennel or Boarding Facility, unless someone is paying to have the birds provided with care. How do you plan to do so?
  17. Pets and Animals: Re: 501c3 Animal Rescue Adoption Fee with Returned Dog - Refundable

    If you really think that this rescue has made ANY money by "legally flipping" dogs, you are seriously delusional. Unless you "paid" $400 or more (depending on the condition of the dog at intake) they...
  18. Eviction Process: Re: Is It Legal

    Only after the tenant has vacated and the eviction process is concluded.
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    Maintenance and Repair: Re: Who Owns My Orivate Road

    What kind of "community"? Is it an actual development, or just a neighborhood? Have you talked to the County? As flyingron said, Bay County can tell you who "owns" the road, but there's more to it...
  20. Re: Landlord's Replacement Charges for Very Old Carpet

    LOL. Way to get help :)
  21. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Clarification on Easement Judgement in Area of Maintenance and Termination

    I'm pretty sure what Mr. Knowitall is trying to tell you is that one way or another, this will likely end up in court, and be expensive. You need to decide just how much you are willing to spend...
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    Seller Disclosure: Re: Problems in a House After Purchase

    Why do you think this is the former owner of the house? Was it a foreclosure? Have you spoken to your new neighbors about people being there when you are gone?
  23. Title Records: Re: Transferring Ownership from God Parent to Godchild

    Do you mean personal property or Real Estate? What exactly does "the property in New Orleans" encompass?
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Ingress Egress Easement Over Abutting Property

    You haven't offered much information. Have you asked the tenants and/or property owner to have the impediment removed?
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    Pets: Re: Emotional Support Animal Documentation

    As to the 5 months "delay", that seems to be on your Dr. The LL states that they have sent the documents they require, and those have not been returned. More than once. Apparently they waited several...
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